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Setup Guide


Getting Started

Make sure you've downloaded and installed Music Control.


Open System Preferences

Open System Preferences by clicking the Apple icon in the menu bar and selecting "System Preferences." We need to enable a common setting to ensure Music Control will function correctly.

Start by clicking the "Universal Access" icon (renamed "Accessibility" in OS X Mountain Lion).


Enable Universal Access

You need to complete this step if you want to use Music Control to send commands to audio players on other computers or use hotkeys.

Make sure the option labeled "Enable Access for Assistive Devices" is selected (circled in red). This option allows Music Control to pass commands to your audio players.

Be sure to select "Enable Access for Assistive Devices" on any Mac with which Music Control will interact.


Music Control is
in Your Menu Bar

That's it! You're ready to use Music Control. Launch it from your dock or Applications menu. See the Music Control Usage Guide below for more information.

If you're using Music Control to manage players on multiple machines, you'll need to install Music Control on each machine you want to manage and repeat the previous step (enabling Universal Access) on each Mac on your network.

Using Music Control with iTunes, Rdio & Spotify


Changing Music Control's Settings

Click Music Control's icon in your menu bar to reveal Music Control.

If you're using Music Control to manage players on multiple Macs, you'll need to follow the setup guide for each Mac on your network.


Enable Remote Control

If you want to manage your music remotely, click "Control this Mac from other local network Macs" (circled in red).

This will allow other computers running Music Control to access this Mac.


Select the Computer to Control

Music Control will automatically detect other Macs on your local network that are also running the app. Your computer is selected by default, but you can control any other computer by selecting it from the drop down list.

If you don't see a Mac on your network in the list, make sure it is running an up-to-date version of Music Control and that you have configured it using the setup guide above and enabled the option in the previous step.


Controlling Another Computer

Controlling a remote computer works just like controlling your computer. You can switch computers at any time; just pick the one you want to control from the list.

The cloud icon (circled in red) lets you know that you're connected to and controlling a remote computer.


Activate the Search Field

Click the search icon (circled in red) to toggle the visibility of the search box.


Search All Your Apps by Artist

Want to listen to something different? Type an Artist into the search box and press enter. Music Control automatically searches the libraries of all your players at the same time, letting you quickly find the music you want to hear.


Select an Album and a Player

After searching, Music Control will create a list of available albums sorted by year of release. Hovering over an album will reveal the players with the album in their library. Click on an icon to begin playback.


Bam! Playback Begins Immediately.

One click in a search result and the selected album immediately begins playing in the selected application on the specified computer. How great is that?

Using Music Control with Pandora


Head on over to the Settings panel.

Click Music Control's icon in your menu bar to reveal Music Control. Pandora support is only available on your local computer, so make sure Music Control isn't watching a remote computer.

You'll need to provide Music Control with your Pandora credentials, so hit the settings gear or the Pandora icon in the mini-dock to access the Settings for Pandora.

If you don't see a Pandora icon in the mini-dock, it means Music Control is watching a remote computer. See the usage guide above for instructions on how to switch between computers.


Click the Pandora icon in the Settings panel

You may need to click on the Pandora icon (circled in red). Clicking the Pandora icon will switch the panel to the Pandora options.


Enter your Pandora credentials

Slap in the email address and password you use for Pandora and click the Save button. After that, close the settings panel and click the Pandora icon in the mini-dock.


See your Pandora stations, pick one to play

Music Control will log you into Pandora and fetch your available stations. Click a station to begin playback. Once it starts to play, you can use Music Control to skip, pause, thumbs up and down, and change the volume.

Here's a hidden feature: Clicking the Pandora icon in the mini-dock will toggle your Stations list, making it quick and easy to switch what you're listening to.


Start a new station

Want to listen to something different? Use the search field to find and start a new Artist radio station.

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